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14, February 2018 8:24 PM

NEW DELHI:Ever since the AAP government came in power, cases of corruption in the national capital have come down, claimed Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in a video message on the third anniversary of his government. “In the last three years there has been a drop in the corruption because three years ago, the people of Delhi elected an honest government,” Kejriwal said in the video.

The chief minister asserted that every single penny of the government funds is spent on development electricity, water, mohalla clinics, hospitals, roads, school and colleges. “We faced a number of hurdles but for your rights, we fought on every step and even God helped us,” the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor said.

“It is said when you follow the path of truth and honesty then all the visible and invisible forces of this universe help you. And my biggest strength is you and the blessings of God,” Kejriwal said. “I pray to God that we keep on serving the people in the same way,” the AAP leader added.

He also said that his government will “soon” start providing free Wi-Fi Internet service, a key poll promise of his party to residents in the national capital.

“We will soon inform the date of (implementing) free Wi-Fi. But Delhi government is going to implement free Wi-Fi this year and for this, a provision of the separate fund will be made in the Budget,” Kejriwal said.

In 2016, the AAP government had announced that more than 500 locations across East Delhi would be made high-speed Wi-Fi zones by December 2016, allowing access to free Internet till a pre-determined limit daily, but it could not be implemented.

The AAP won 67 of the 70 seats in the 2015 Delhi Assembly elections