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10, September 2017 10:48 PM

From last several years Persons with various kinds of Disabilities under the banner of J&K Handicapped Association  are demonstrating in Jammu as well as in Srinagar to press their demands.

As a abled human being  most of their demands seems genuine to address but unfortunately our previous Governments deaf eared them and incumbent Government also seems not  very much interested to address their genuine demands ,perhaps reasons could be they Handicapped persons are very lessin quantity their vote share is less and almost of them are not coming out to vote on Assembly or Parliamentary Elections as they are suffering from various kinds of disabilities which doesn't allow them to come out often or come out to vote.
But while keeping humanity under consideration , the biggest example of  humanity would be if this weaker class of society would be understood their day by day problems would be addressed  they would be heard properly. 
No doubt all of them will surely not come out to vote in next elections due to their disabilities but at least they will remember Govt machinery in their prayers. 
If Concerned Department for the welfare of Handicapped  persons are beating drums of   100% best work culture then they must Answer 
Why Handicapped persons some months back protested in Baramulla accusing corruption in wheel chair distribution? Why Disabled persons protest in Jammu on last World Disabled day?
What action was taken on Baramulla Handicapped persons protest?
Disabled persons in their demonstrations are saying they are not being treated as humans, they have also threatened for hunger strike and Rajbhavan Gharo , but still no one is observed to approach them listen them ,Assure them if this would protest of a large Group or large vote bank group their issues might have been addressed.