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24, September 2018 11:36 PM

HANDWARA: Sumiya Jan age 14 plus Daughter of Mohd Ismiyal Mir resident of village Sharkoot Handwara was forcibly knotted by her Uncle Gh Qadir Mir with his nephew   that leads her to commit suicide on 4th of August 2018 said Rafiqa Begum mother of Sumiya. 

Sumiya Jan who in the year of 2017 was studying at Sun Shine Public School Trathpora Handwara in class 8th when initially she was forced to drop school on excuse that she wishes to marry a guy of her choice after completion of her studies, but her Uncle namely Gh Qadir Mir's eager was to marry her with his ward Sajad Ahmad Mir because of property greed.

According to reports Sumiya Jan goes hide for some time to prevent herself from forcible knot but she was searched by her Uncle and was made hostage for at least 2 months and was also mentally tortured later on was knotted at under age with his nephew Aijaz Ahmad Mir but Sumiya resisted this forcible knot mean time on 4th of August 2018 Sumiya committed suicide.

At the time of Somiya's Suicide her mother was in shock meantime her uncle Ghulam Qadir Mir (who is residing separately some half km from Sumiya's residence) goes police station Vilgam  and filled a complaint accused Sumiya's mother for murder of her daughter. 

According to locals Gh Qadir Mir(uncle of Sumiya) is greedy man and he some 20years back sent his brother Mohd Ismiyal Mir (Father of Sumiya) as Adopting son in law in the house of Rafiqa Begum (Mother of Somiya). 

According to locals Refiqa Begum is only ward of his father and her husband Mohd Ismiyal Mir is neither mentally nor physically fit and her marriage with Mohd Ismiyal is also forcible. 

According to locals and Sumiya's mother Gh Qadir Mir is in greed of property of Rafiqa Begum and he is using high-level political connections to prove and book Rafiqa Begum in the false murder case of Sumiya Jan. 

SHO Vilgam told Royal Kashmir "they are waiting for FSL findings to proceed case for further investigation"

Meanwhile mother of Sumiya is appealing Authorities of Police for fair investigation. 

It is pertinent to mention no FIR for forcible underage Nikah of Sumiya has been so for registered .