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3, February 2018 6:41 PM

JAMMU: In his message on the World Cancer Day, the Governor N.N. Vohra has observed that various initiative need to be taken on a time-bound basis to reduce the impact of varied kinds of cancers which are spreading fast in our country and millions of new patients being registered every year.

Governor noted that the observance of the World Cancer Day is an opportunity to enhance awareness of the early signs and symptoms of this disease as timely detection and proper treatment can significantly improve the chances of survival.

Governor observed that in our fight against Cancer we can implement measures in the work place which will motivate and sustain healthy habits in the everyday life of the workers. Likewise, every school can encourage children to develop healthy habits and provide them attractive choices of nutritious foods and drinks, opportunity for sports and elementary education about the importance of proper food and regular physical activity.

Another very important step is for the State Health Department and NGOs in the field of health to organise Early Detection Campaigns all over the State.