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By Rasikh Rasool
25, April 2018 9:50 PM

SSA Teachers salary issue is a serious concern, from last several years SSA teachers are often visible on roads to press their salary issue, there is a big reason for this chaos that is, opening of bulk SSA schools within zero km distance while keeping rules and guidelines aside and in clear violation of J&K government's policy to impart Education, in result while considering various facts MHRD seems doubting SSA teacher extra number in J&K state.
SSA teachers salary that is 90:10 Ratio in which 90% is central sponsored while 10% is from J&K state exchequer.
According to various National policy making surveys it is clear visible that J&K has extra quota of SSA teachers that impacts MHRD (Ministry of Human resource and Development ) in various means.


  • Govt should initate a gross root survey with an independent body to find out SSA Schools that were opened or presently functioning within zero Km distance or in violation of prescribed laws
  • Schools found in Zero Km Distance or in violation of SSA school opening guidelines should be closed and merged for ever with all means to near by existing school along with staff.
  • Teachers of closed schools in question should be provided salaries completely from state budget.   



  • First and foremost teachers/staff crises can be addressed to large extent.
  • Govt can save crores of funds meant for schools that are functioning within zero km distance, like budget for building constructions and other infrastructure.
  • Than existing schools can be nourished in all means like good infrastructure , proper staff, best facilities etc without any overburden to state exchequer.

Rasikh Rasool is Kashmir based Journalist cum Rights Activist