Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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14, March 2018 8:20 PM

SRINAGAR: Prompted by a complaint that a BPCL cooking Gas distributer is conducting home delivery without a leak detector and weighing scale,  the field executive of Legal Metrology department Srinagar conducted surprise inspection of the outskirts of city Srinagar and intercepted a delivery van carrying cooking Gas for home delivery.  

The delivery boy failed to produce weighing scale and leak detector. The distributor was booked on spot through the delivery boy.  

It was observed that all the delivery vans of the distributor were without weighing scale and leak detector.  

Under Legal Metrology laws, a gas distributor has to supply refill cylinders to consumers after the weightment of the gas cylinder in their presence and after checking the leak of the gas.  

The distributor was penalized at Rs 5000 for not keeping the weighing Scale available with the delivery vans. Moreover the matter was taken up with the Sales officer of the company to provide the cooking Gas distributers with the   leak detector so as to avoid any mishap. (CNS)