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7, September 2017 11:23 PM

After his last directorial venture Ghayal Once Again, Sunny Deol is back with Poster Boys  along with his brother Bobby Deol. The film is being directed by Shreyas Talpade. Poster Boys comes with a subtle message told in a humorous manner.  The actor speaks about Poster Boys and his next directorial venture Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas which will also see the debut of his on Karan as a hero. While we talk about his macho on-screen image we also get to see the emotional side when we speak of  his younger brother Bobby.  With tears in his eyes the actor decides to change the subject and requests  for a lighter moment.  Over to Sunny Deol.

What made you take up Poster Boys?

I had heard the idea and loved it.  After Ghayal released I was to do my own film. The day I heard it, I got attached to it.

Didn't you want to direct, didn't you feel it was a risk?

I was shooting my film with my son and I was busy. I didn't want to direct anything. I accepted immediately. I never think of anything as a risk.  When I started my career I did so many films. Nothing is a risk for me.

Karan is grabbing a lot of eyeballs now. What tips do you give your son?

I can't give tips to my son. Obviously, he will have to work hard if he wants to be a good actor. He needs to handle whatever he is going to face. He has his own journey. Whatever you are doing do it on your own. Nothing is easy in life and you have to face your own battles.  I never take pressure. I cannot work under pressure.  Just like everybody, I try to do my job with utmost sincerity.

Did you ever feel the pressure of being a star son?

When you are a star child, you are compared to your father frequently and you have to simply face it. He (Dharmendra) is my father and I am proud of it. We make films in our family. We cannot ignore the fact that we got launched properly because of him.

You are always serious in real life, how do you look at comedy?

You can't define happiness with comedy. Happiness is something else. In real life there is no comedy.

Will Karan be an action hero or a romantic one?

It's a film like Betaab. We have made it keeping his age in mind. There is purity in romance. It fades away with age. We have to make use of that innocence now.

Did he grow up in London?

His mother is from UK so they travel to UK most of the time.

Do you ever want to do remake Dharmendra's films?

Papa has done a lot of films and he got a lot of success. We are nowhere there and I don't want to touch them.

How is your relationship with your son?

I have never discussed my films with my son.  We never discussed films with dad either. He is my son, he can never be a friend. That relationship is different. My papa was not strict but my mother would terrify us with his name.  I am scared of him even today. My relationship is the same with my son.

How do you see your brother Bobby Deol’s career?

We are all together and we are strong and I feel a lot for him.  I can't talk about  him, let's change the topic please.

Tell us about your fitness regimen.

I have been into sports from my early childhood. I play football.  I work out every day for two hours. 

What is the status of Mohalla Assi? What next?

We have a new CBFC head and we are hopeful that we will be able to release it now.  Let me release this film first. I will also have to complete my son's film immediately after.