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4, October 2017 10:33 PM
Directorate of School Education Kashmir on 28th September this year issued strict directions that pre Board/Golden test is mandatory for all the students to appear into Annual Board Examinations of 2017 ,in this connection Director of  School Education Kashmir (DSEK) told all concerned stakeholders to counsel ,prepare and inform all the students accordingly because failure to appear in the pre board/Golden test what the DSEK said shall strictly considered as ineligibility for a student and he/she shall not be allowed to sit in the Annual Board examination of 10th and 12th standards without qualifying the golden test.
The above direction of the DSEK are clear in violations of different education policies of National and International level, these particular directions of DSEK has put students in mental stress.
No doubt to check the progress of students through different assignments/tests is good but considering failure of students in so called pre board/golden test as a yardstick to disallowing them to appear in Annual Board examination is not only a serious issue but a big concern that how the students of Kashmir who are already living  in mental stress  by a long ongoing  conflict/ situations are put in deep stress before appearing in the examinations .
We all are aware of the facts that progress of teachers and education sector is determined by the results of Annual board examinations and  every one in the  Education sector from top officers to teacher level are in race that there should be best results of the annual board examinations so that they will be rewarded and their progress will be considered good.
Apprehensions are high that DSEK had put this step to show best results by enforcing yardstick of Golden test , which is not only  an immoral step but also  a cheating game for students,public as well as Government and Education scale determination agencies or we can called it sword on the students to reward the  teachers .