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23, September 2017 1:27 AM

People appealed all sections of society for further cooperation with police and civil administration 

HANDWARA SEPTEMBER 22:Traffic congestion in Handwara town reduced to some extent, "ROYAL KASHMIR" Team  on Friday 22 September traveled Entry ,Exit road points and almost roads at Handwara to observe the traffic system and we talked with number of persons regarding the subject .

At around 5:00 pm our team observed a Heavy passenger vehicle ( Bus) departures from New Bus stand Handwara towards vilgam our team followed this particular bus and we observed that this particular bus takes at least 18 minutes to reach a street road adjacent to vegetable market opposite Police station and here the bus stopped/parked again to lift passengers that causes traffic jam through this particular road, our team was trying to talk with the Driver of this particular bus suddenly a Police team led by SHO Handwara Azim Iqbal reached the spot and challaned this particular bus for wrong parking offences, people present on the spot hailed this police action and expressed dismay over behavior of transport community for such violations that causes inconveniences to general public and pedestrians.

In our conservation with various citizens Royal Kashmir learnt that (Autos light vans) have captured 100% space of old bus stand Handwara that also causes traffic congestion. 
Number of Youth and senior citizens desired that this particular space ( old bus stand) should be reserved for parking of private cars only

A senior citizen Mohammad Hayat appealed MLA Handwara that this particular place old bus stand should be preserved only for private car parking and Auto( light vans) should be shifted to New Bus stand Handwara.

At Rajwar road our team observed traffic congestion reduced here too to some extent but still some Mini Bus and Sumo  Drivers are parking their vehicles here on main road.

This is pertinent to mention here that New Bus stand Handwara having vast space and it was developed worth crores for one stop Point for all type of passenger vehicles in Handwara town

The large number of persons we talked including youth ,students ,employees some shop keepers and  senior citizens one message remained same that is they hailed steps taken by Police from last few days for Traffic  decongestion  and they  appeal all sections of society to come forward for further cooperation  with Police and civil Administration to make Handwara town congestion free and charm full.