Tuesday, July 16, 2019

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18, August 2017 10:47 PM

On 17th of August 2017 around 7:22pm while traveling from Srinagar to Handwara I witnessed cavalcade of Hon'able Chief Justice of J&K passing through Pattan (Baramulla) on way to Srinagar, Highest security and smooth route without congestion bandubast was extraordinary enforced  from his arrival to departure  and for some minutes public traffic was stopped while cavalcade passed from Pattan  ,but despite this all unfortunately pilot vehicle of Chief Justice's calvacade was observed using blue flash and sirens.
india is saying with proud we got independence in 1947 but British legacy is still in our system it seems we are still not free from British made so-called legacy , and when a highest constitutional and Justice provider or we can say Prestigious rank to check and ensure law enforcement is using unnecessary sirens, IMAGINE WHAT WILL BE THE FATE OF RULES AND REGULATIONS ?