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3, December 2018 6:56 PM
Srinagar: From last 15 years inhabitants of Bhat Mohalla, Wani mohalla and Mochi Mohalla of Village Ahgam Handwara are facing acute shortage of water, to overcome the crises after public's hard Activism main pipeline was installed 3 years back and distribution pipeline is yet be installed despite clear intent to contractor. 
People threatened protest and roadblock if distribution pipeline are not installed within week. 
The inhabitants of Bhat Mohalla Wani Molalla and Mochi Mohalla of village Ahgam are struggling from piller to post for basic amenity of life that is potable drinking water, but despite the lapse of more than 15 years authorities failed to provide them potable drinking water. 
Villagers said three years back after their hard Activism a new main pipe line worth more than 17 lakhs was installed but Distribution pipeline is yet to installed despite intent was given to a contractor some 10 months back. 
Villagers said Handwara PHE Authorities are off and on saying they having no pipes available for the execution of said work. 
Villagers said if PHE Authorities having no pipes why they issued intent to a contractor, villagers alleged pipes sectioned for their village were illegally diverted to some other spot, now PHE authorities have sent new proposal to Govt in result Public is suffering. 
Villagers have demaded probe into this whole fishy game played by PHE authorities.
Villagers said from last more than 15 years particularly from last three years they have exercised every possible option but authorities failed so far to provide them potable water, and due this carelessness and criminal attitude of authorities now we having only option that is protest and roadblock. 
Villagers are also appealing Governor Administration to look into the matter for some respite.
Despite repeated attempts to contact PHE authorities no one received the Phone calls.